About Brocap

BROCAP has been active for 11 years in the research, acquisition and redevelopment of abandoned, neglected and possibly polluted sites.

During recent years, BROCAP developed a working method with which the realisation of a socially responsible, profitable and high-quality project within a reasonable time is the basic goal.

A brownfield redevelopment must be technically feasible in the first place: pollution must be able to be remediated in a responsible manner and the site must also be organised spatially and be able to be equipped according to the current standards and regulations.

The creation of a social support base on which the remediation and development plans can be adjusted forms a very important support pillar for this. Without the cooperation of the Mayor and Aldermen, the administrations, the neighbourhood and the broad public at large, the transformation of a brownfield is impossible.

Of course, the quality of the design is an important starting point for this. BROCAP always opts for affordable and sustainable end solutions. For us, sustainability means quality: both for the choice of final product and the implementation process that precedes this.

Only in this way can we keep our focus on achieving a financially profitable and socially acceptable investment file. This is the discipline that we impose on ourselves, the goal orientation that we guarantee.